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Energy efficiency

Our energy conservation survey program analyzes the entire process and uncovers opportunities to reduce costs and save energy.

We help our clients become energy efficient in many areas.

Boilers, Heaters, Exchangers, Insulation and Heat Recovery
Building HVAC and EnvelopePower and Cogeneration
Total Electricity, Gas, Water and Sewer consumption
Batteries and Charging Systems
Coolers and Fans
Electric Motors


Yellow - Standard Efficiency Motor

Blue – High Efficiency Motor

Red – Poor Efficiency Motor  

Electrical energy studies conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute reveal that over 60% of industrial motors are operating under 60% of their rated load capacity.

Process Energy Savings


Flow restriction removal

Refrigeration and heat pump systems

Heating & Cooling systems running simultaneously

Water systems

Fans – speed control

Pumps –eliminate throttling and recirculation

Automated process control

Old designs - no energy efficiency in mind during engineering

Temporary excess capacity

Install a booster pump

Install a motor optimizer / VFD

Compressed air systems

Energy Management

More Efficient Design = 

Lower Electric Bills - Less Fuel/Energy Consumed - Lower Maintenance Costs